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through richard nixon masks. i've lived through ronald reagan masks. i've lived through george w. bush masks. i never heard anybody in the elite media, not once express a sense it was inappropriate. here is this poor guy making a living, a rodeo clown -- >> let's take a look. for viewers who haven't seen it. look at the actual moment this seems to have caused offense. >> and president obama -- i know i'm a clown, he's just running around acting like one doesn't know he is one. soon as this bull comes out obama don't you move, he's going to get ya, get ya, get ya. >> it's a bit silly but he's a clown and my view, i sort of agree with you. you might be shocked. i think it's ridiculous. >> i'm delighted you agree with me and i can't imagine why anybody who believes in the first amendment isn't enraged at the decision they made in missouri and i can't imagine why the president doesn't invite this guy up to his resort in fan tuck et and buy him a beer and say i'm a bigger guy than this. let's have a beer. at least you have a job. >> i would think hell will freeze over before that happens bu
? joining me is george w. bush's security advisor and the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and book author. welcome to both of you. bill richardson, how damaging is it potentially to president obama and his plans for military action in syria that the british government and british prime minister david cameron suffered a defeat in parliament with a clear will from the british people and many members of parliament not to take military action in syria? >> i think the president has to be very careful, and he is being careful. only 25% of the american people support military action in syria. secondly, we have to avoid the iraq war where there are no weapons of mass destruction so you have to have proof. thirdly, the president has to get a broad international coalition, other wise he hands a propaganda victory and assad can say very few countries support the united states with a strike. so i think he has to be deliberate on the military side that the strikes work to our advantage and to find ways to arm the rebels and destroy the command and control centers but at the u.n., too, i think even tho
and that's a very, very plausible scenario. >> let me play a clip. this is the former president george w. bush. he was on fox earlier today and was asked about an imminent u.s. strike. listen to this. >> i can comment about this. the president has a tough choice to make and if he decides to use the military, he'll have the greatest military ever backing him up. i was not a fan of mr. assad. he's an ally of iran and he's made mischief. >> you worked for president bush and he's clearly trying to stay out of the debate now. he doesn't want to step on the current president as he makes these very, very tough decisions. what kind of marks, fran, will you give the current national security team surrounding the president on this sensitive subject? >> you know, wolf, because it seems clear to me that we are on the eve of decision to engage in military operations, i'm not going -- i'm not about grading the current team. there are things that i might have suggested we do differently, timing differently, tactics differently, strategy differently, perhaps. but tonight is not really the night. when th
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)